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The NPU Monitor 2021 survey provides you with a decision basis vis-à-vis the reopening of cultural life - a tool customized for the planning of both digital and physical events. As our international colleague, we invite you to join the Nordic audience development network by taking part in the survey series developed by WolfBrown (US) and Audiences Norway. Scroll down to register now.

The pandemic is currently the most important barrier to physical participation in art and cultural events. At the same time, digital distribution and innovation have lowered the threshold for participation on screen and created new relations between the institutions and the public.

What effect does the uncertain situation in the field have, with recurring lockdown and changing number restrictions, and with associated cancellations and reimbursement claims? Does the public wait for the situation until they are completely sure that it will not be canceled? And what do physical and social distancing, mask use and distance requirements do with our attitude to attending cultural events in our own physical person? Has there been a fear of physical gathering that we will have to struggle with for a long time - even after the pandemic is over? What role do digital programs and meeting places play in this situation? And what role are they going to play after the pandemic is over? Have audience groups that previously only wanted to participate physically got a taste of digital experiences? And are they willing to pay for them?

NPU Monitor 2021 aims to answer these questions and provide participants and the field with better grounds for decision-making ahead of the physical reopening and digital programming after the pandemic.


By taking part in the NPU Monitor 2021, you get access to a dashboard with in-depth insight you can apply directly in the planning of physical and digital art and culture events - during and after the pandemic. The survey will be distributed to your audience three times a year. We will meet to discuss the results and their implications with each round. The only requirement is that you have a minimum of 1200 customers who will be available to take the survey during the specified timeframe of each round in 2021. The participant fee is approximately NOK/SEK 15.000 and 30.000 (€1500-3000), depending on the size of your organization. In return, you will get access to the survey dashboard where you can examine your results and compare them to the rest of the field, as well as shared digital meeting spaces to exchange insights with other partaking organizations. We will be gathering data in May, September, and November.


The study is structured as a cohort audience survey. Up to 50 institutions can participate. Unlike last year when we only had Norwegian NPU members, we open up for institutions in our Nordic network in 2021. CKI / Center for Art and Interculture in Denmark, Lilla Teatern / Trygg teater in Finland / Helsinki, Rasmussen Nordic in Denmark, RePublik, Västra Götalandsregionens centrum för audienceutveckling, and the Nordic performing arts network Yggdrasil contribute to Nordic co-operation by spreading the opportunity to participate in their networks.

Participation in the survey provides access to digital Nordic network meetings after each collection round. If the infection situation allows it, we will take the initiative for a physical meeting place towards the end of the year.

Key dates for the first wave of data collection

May 4th: Deadline for registering as a study partner (completing this survey)

May 7th:
Deadline for submitting your email addresses to Data Factory to deduplicate list from institutions operating in the same area. (We will contact you after you submit your registration to let you know whether you need to complete this step and provide instructions.)

May 14th
: Final survey protocol distributed to all study partners WB/NPU provides outbound email language and survey hyperlinks to each study partner. Data factory provides each study partner with their deduped list.

9am CEST on May 19th
: Study partners send wave 1 email invitations

9am CEST on May 26th
: Wave 1 survey closes

June 4th
: Online dashboard available

Audiences Norway (NPU) is an organization that works towards strengthening arts and culture's position in our societies. A strong position is characterized by having an active audience that is representative of the broader population. We contribute to the democratization of culture by producing and distributing analysis of such quality and scope that it allows our members to make empirically informed decisions in their work with audience and business development. The NPU membership is also available to institutions in the Nordics. Want to know more? Do you need more information about NPU Monitor 2021 before registering?

make informed decisions when culture reopens

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