Audience Outlook Monitor: COVID-19

by NPU — 2020-04-22

Informasjon for medlemmer av Norsk Publikumsutvikling og NTO

For de som arbeider administrasjon og programmering i kultursektoren innebærer COVID-19 blant annet en rekke meget krevende avgjørelser. For å veilede planlegging for kunst- og kulturorganisasjoner under pandemien samarbeider NPU med vår amerikanske partner Wolfbrown med lanseringen av en sporingsstudie av publikum i Norge. COVID-19 Audience Outlook Monitor vil stille aktuelle og essensielle data til rådighet for sektorens avgjørelser om når og hvordan programmeringen skal fortsette i kjølvannet av krisen.

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The research will take the form of a longitudinal tracking study with multiple waves of data collection over the coming months. Participating organizations in Norway will deploy the survey three times to samples of their patrons via email, and will have real-time access to results through WolfBrown’s online dashboard tool. Regional results will be analyzed and interpreted in partnership with NPU and shared by NPU.

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Current Demand for In-Person Arts Programming

  • Are audiences attending arts events or visiting arts spaces?
  • Are they purchasing tickets for future arts events?

Future Demand for In-Person Arts Programming

  • When do audiences think they will return?
  • Do they think they’ll attend just as frequently as they did before the pandemic?
  • Do they think they’ll spend as much money on arts experiences?

Conditions Under Which Audiences Will Feel Comfortable Returning

  • Will audiences return as soon as bans are lifted?
  • What can your organization do to make audiences feel more comfortable at your venue?

Demand for and Uptake of At-Home Programming

  • How have audiences adapted to at-home participation?
  • Will heightened interest in virtual programming extend beyond the current health crisis?
  • What are the revenue opportunities?

Context and Demographics

  • How does arts engagement behavior, such as frequency of attending arts events, impact audiences' attitudes?
  • Has COVID-19 directly impacted the physical or financial health of audiences or their families?
  • How does the age and employment status of audience members impact their attitudes towards COVID-19?

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Ingrid E. Handeland

Direktør NPU

Alan Brown 2

Alan Brown