The Expologists

Meet the Expology doctors taking part in The Expology Clinic at Mathallen 1 november 1st between 16:30 and 17:30

Gordon Ryan; Managing Director & Senior Designer for Expology

I relate well to a visitor's psychological journey through a space, including their emotional and intellectual rhythm

For the "Expology Clinic" Gordon brings a structured approach to achieving clarity. 

Past projects include:  Lead designer on Oslo’s Winning Climate House competition, Architecture of interiors for Kreftforeningen’s new Science Centre, Exhibition design for Nasjonal Galleriet Oslo, and for Turner Prize 2013 (UK) and Dublin Contemporary (IR).

Expology Super Power:  Value Mining.. a playful and intensely effective tool for understanding our common aims. 

 Morton Torgersen; Design Lead for Expology

Driven by passion and honed by training Morton leads the Expology design team. Morton is a consummate practitioner of the visual arts. He has mastered the skills of making a space "work" while placing the visitor at the center.

 "We constantly seek a better understanding of our visitors, and conduct research into our clients so that we can deliver more effectively on every project."
Past projects: Lead Designer; Reitan Handelshus, Engineerium, Arcus Opplevelser, Norsk Maritimt Museum, Tingvoll Økopark, Tindesenteret, Kreftforeningens Vitensenter

 Super power: Building brand experiences


Michel de Brisis; Technology Lead for Expology

For the "Expology Clinic" Michel brings an in-depth knowledge of the use of technology as a tool for learning and instilling a sense of wonder.

Michel was that kid - the child who takes it all apart - finds out what's going on inside, to understand it and work out how to do it better.

Michel's love of tech led to a degree in computer games technology and has seen him working with some of the most popular games in the Norwegian industry - Pippi Långstrump (2012)   Flåklypa Grand Prix (2010)       Knerten Gifter Seg (2010) Vinter i Blåfjell 2011

Expology Super Power: Michel knows tech.

Ellen Lyse Einarsen; Head of Operations for Expology.

Ellen loves structure and systems, especially systems that result in more engaged and interactive experiences for users and visitors.

Ellen graduated as a screenwriter from The Norwegian Film School in 2004 and has for the past ten years worked with computer game development in Norway and Germany. She has been part of shipping titles like Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, The Secret World, Suburbia, and Angry Birds Epic. Ellen has also been on the board of The Writer’s Guild of Norway and lectures on game design and storytelling worldwide. Expology super power: Creating structure out of chaos, and getting to t