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CONNECT is a Knowledge Alliance promoting innovative cooperation between the universities and cultural enterprises across Europe. The project was launched in January 2017 in Bilbao and is supported by the EU program Erasmus+ for the period of next three years (2017-2019). The project aims at exploration and promotion of the innovative approaches to audience development, which are formed in collaboration between the cultural enterprises and universities.

Throughout the project a new Twin-track Audience development program will be designed, specifically targeted at students at practitioners working in the area of Arts management. The program will be launched by a trans-national team of 54 researchers, teachers and trainers in 5 national hubs in Spain, UK, Italy, Denmark and Poland. The 5 hubs consist of universities, science and competence centers, and several cultural institutions. The main project objective is to transform the artistic and creative competences of the organization into a more audience-centered and sustainable within the cultural sector. 

Audiences Norway are a proud partner of the Scandinavian pilot group headed by the CKI - Center for Kunst og Interkultur in Copenhagen. Audiences Norway will participate with a team, formed by one supervisor, six students and two professionals working within the cultural policy. The participants will be part of the training residency with series of seminars and workshops. The importance of partnership of Audiences Norway is two-fold, expanding our international relations and presence, as well as strengthening the existing ties with the educational sector in Norway. Strengthened relationship with the academic sphere is part of the long-term objective to lift the level of knowledge on the discourse of Audience development by the students and academics  within the Arts and Cultural branch of Norwegian academia

The Connect project will launch their own website in August. In the meantime, you can read about the latest updates and undertake the survey here. 

The survey will take 5 minutes of your time and will significantly contribute to the development and adaptation of this Audience Development program to the local context of the countries involved. 



Important survey!

All culture actors of Europe: 

Help us defining Audience Development and furthermore, adapting it to the local context of the different countries involved. You can help us by filling-in the short five minutes survey. Answer the form here.

Kick-off meeting in Bilbao

What objectives do we aim to reach with CONNECT?


The objectives discussed in the kick-off meeting were: 

1. Mapping of existing training paths in Audience development

2. Research and development of a competency models for cultural professionals specialized in Audience development

3. Development of informal learning methods that are to be tested at European level

You can find the meeting notes and keynote in the reports section.




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