Vikki N. Walle-Hansen

Who are the young of Norway today? What are their leisure time preferences and where do the arts and culture fit in their lifestyle? What are their expectations in the future?


Vikki N. Walle-Hansen is presenting a session based on her experiences as a trend analyst, who has been specifically working on the survey of children and youth´s triggers and barriers to their participation in arts and culture, in collaboration with Audiences Norway in spring 2017. The session is also based on the insights of Opinion´s study YOUTH2017, revealing 6 characteristics and trends on how to reach the youth of today.

Vikki is a senior consultant with a focus on trend analysis and innovation in Opinion As. She has 7 years of experience from Telenor Research & Future, where she worked with market analysis, customer centricity and research communication. She has also worked on business strategy for a San Francisco startup company, where she studied Creative Strategy. She is passionate about the research and trend analysis, and is keen on conveying the engaging scenarios and analyses that can be used in strategy work across the cultural sector.


Walle-Hansen´s keynote will explore the characteristics of youth of today and how they relate to the arts and culture.  The following questions will be addressed:  Who are the young people in Norway today? How do they spend their time and what do they want from the future?