Thomas Prestø

How important is it to know your audience? Which are the segments and typologies that should be encountered when working with different geographical, religious and sexual identities? Despite the eagerness to have a better understanding and higher engagement of audiences, is there a limit when it comes to the sensitive information that can be asked?

 Thomas Talava Prestø is introducing the topic of Marketing for minorities and why such approach is significant in his work, where his argument is that ´white´ should account for a minimum of 40% of audiences.

Thomas is the founder and artistic director of Tabanka, the Norwegian based dance company that is celebrating both dance and culture of African & Caribbean People all over the world. Drawing largely from the technique of traditional dances, yet with a modern twist, Tabanka´s lively presentations unmask the stereotypes while entertaining audiences and keeping the magic alive.

Tabanka seeks to represent the best in both traditional, modern, artistic and commercial African and Caribbean dance and make this available to the Norwegian people, both as audiences and practitioners. Working in both established as well as non-traditional performance platforms, Tabanka is actively working with audience development and their commitment to creating real mixed-audiences.