Stein Erik Bakken

How to drag them out of the man cave and in to Kulturhuset? How can increased contact with the boy-dominated gaming community affect the development of a more interactive performative arts? 

Kilden Theatre and concert hall wishes to capture and be a part of the digital development in the society, give young people positive experiences with culture, and strengthen their position in the youth segment. The dramaturgy, expression, interaction and technology increasingly overlaps the development of the new theatre and performative arts. With the Play@Kilen project, Kilden explores its role as supplier of performative arts for a young audience. 

Level Up is the pilot project initiated by Rune Fjeld Olsen and Karl-Martin Hogsnes, and was between 2011 to 2015 also a VGTV's game magazine. Today, Level Up is an independent game channel providing information, reviews and interactivity. At Kilden they will be gaming on stage interacting with the audience. The show will also include music and live art pieces on the stage and will be streamed live on youtube and twitch. 

Kilden Digital is part of Kilden Theater and Concert Halls project committed to added social value, Kilden Dialog. Project manager Stein Erik Bakken joins the conference to tell us about the experiences from the Pilot and the further commitment to online gaming and other digital focuses at Kilden. 

Bakken is an IT consultant  at Kilden Theater and Concert Hall and is Technical manager of streaming / Digital development. He's educated in Marketing and Information technology at BI. Since the mid 90's Bakken has been involved in computer games as organiser of lamprey and esport. He works on a daily basis to connect all of Kildens departments together with technology, both internally and towards the audience. Through his work with Kilden Digital, he established a team able to stream content to all possible platforms.  

The Pilot Level Up - Play@Kilden takes place on August 19th 2017. Order tickets here: