Philip Cave

Philip Cave is the Director, Engagement and Audiences for Arts Council England. Arts Council England is the major funder and a development agency for the arts and culture in England, distributing money from Treasury and lottery funds.   

His role includes the development of strategies, contributing towards the overall mission of ´Great Art and Culture for Everyone´. His current projects include several major initiatives, including a grant programme focused on arts and older people: Celebrating Age - a partnership with the Baring Foundation.  

Philip Cave has also developed a radically different approach to investment in places, where communities have been the very least likely to engage. In previous approaches to audience development, regeneration or building of civic pride, the major failure was not involving the local communities, which lead to the need to re-think the approach by involving the public as partners, decision maker and leaders. 

Creative People and Places is a grant programme designed to encourage long-term collaborations between arts organisations, museums, libraries, the voluntary sector, local government, the private sector and local communities to develop the kind of inspiring, sustainable arts and cultural programmes that people in the communities want to get involved in.