Niels Righolt

What is audience development as a discipline? Will an European cooperation between selected universities and knowledge centers succeed in establishing an educational program for audience development?

 Niels Righolt is the Director of the Danish Center for Arts & Interculture (CKI), one of the Audiences Norway´s closest partners. During the conference Niels is going to present the three-year project Connect, which was granted a support from the European Union´s Erasmus + funds. The project objective is to develop and test a mentoring tool for training of students in the area of cultural management as well as the practitioners in the cultural organizations.

 Niels has over 25 years of experience from the field of arts and culture. He has worked as information manager, producer, artistic director, cultural policy adviser in various arts and cultural institutions. He was managing and artistic director of Dunkers Art Center in Helsingborg, and chief curator and the producer for Møstings Hus & Bryggeriets Hus in Copenhagen. Today Niels is a board member for the Dansehallerne, the Danish stage for modern dance in Copenhagen, and of the network Audience Europe. Niels has a background in literature, modern culture and cultural communication as well as in Spanish culture and language as a graduate from the University of Copenhagen.