Matic Gajsek

How are the effects of audience development measured, if at all? Which are the measurement methods available and how can they be beneficial?

Since January 2016, Matic Gajšek is working with Audiences Norway as a Project manager. He works with International relations and programming of the 2017 edition of the conference. Matic is graduation from Masters of Sciences in Leisure studies at the NHTV University Breda (Netherlands) and exploring the evaluation of ´best practice´ in audience development. With his research, he is also exploring the methodology of the Audiences Norway´ best practice research throughout the mapping, evaluation, nomination and decision process.

Matic has a background in music and has gained a broad range of both artistic and management experience with various international arts organizations, including European Union Youth Orchestra, HarrisonParrott Ltd., Grafenegg Festival, Ljubljana Festival, Audiences Norway and Primavera Consulting.