Liene Conard

Youth Involvement – Key for the Future Museum? How can organizations succeed in establishing and developing relationships with the new audiences, while maintaining the relationship with the existing audience base?

 MAS – Museum aan de Stroom from Antwerp was throughout the latest EU Study on Audience development recognized as one of the good examples on placing audiences at the centre of organizations. The programme MAS in Young Hands (MiYH) is considered to be one of the museum’s first and most intensive activities that resonated beyond the organization, inspiring colleagues from museum sector and beyond. Launched in 2010, MiYH is the youngsters crew of the MAS. Translating the motivations and expectations of young people towards the museum, MiYH has become an annual project where a group of volunteers between 15 and 26 is recruited to work on a full youth museum programme.

Liene Conard began her career within the museum industry as a 21 year old museum enthusiast.  After completing her internship, she became part of MAS – Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp team, specializing in public sector, education and digital communication. Aligned with the opening of the new museum building in 2011, she was the pioneer of the project ´MAS in Young Hands´. Liene Conard is now directly involved in expansion of the format of MiYH as well as the impact of their work.