Kristian Haaland

What opportunities does the new technologies enable for the broader cultural sector?  What are the developments within the arts and culture, when discussing immersive experiences? Is virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AG) only applicable for the digital-native generations or can the technologies be used for enriching experiences for other generations?

Kristian Haaland, a technology enthusiast, is taking us on a journey of the arts and culture experiences of the future. After his successful appearance at the ´Interactive conference´ during the SXSW earlier this year, he is bringing the fresh insights about AR and VR and it´s usage within the arts to our conference. The topics addressed during his session will include the exploration of possibilities of AR and VR usage for the field of arts and it´s evolvement in the upcoming decade. For some of the VR enthusiasts, Kristian will also offer a small virtual reality and 360 degrees video experience at the foyer of Dansens Hus.