Jan Roger Eriksen

The Arctic Festival has been in 2017 nominated for the NPU price, in the categories of increasing audiences, deepening relationship with audiences as well as diversifcying audiences. During the conference they will present the ´Festpil pilots´- an innovative commitment towards buulding the relationships with non-users; the audience that usually doesn´t feel at home among the arts and cultural elite. The festival pilot is at the same time presenting an innovative dissemination concept, where they are through the means of digital platforms increasing the engagement of previously not engaged groups. The ´Festspil pilots´are not only an element of marketing mix, but represent one of the core components next to the artistic director´s ´journey´. 

Jan-Roger Eriksen is the General manager of Chili - Arctic Festival´s design company and the strategic partner in ´Festspil pilots´project. He holds a degree in Psychology, Marketing and Economics, and has over 25 years of experience.  

John-Roger works as a director, consultant, advisor and the creative source for variety of projects. The project has transfered the values of Chili´s previous project work, demonstrating the significance of audience insights, brand awareness and strategic marketing. Throughout the project exposure to new and non-traditional audience groups, the agency has similarly experienced a major increase of their brand.