Hilde Maisey

How to connect with new groups?

Audience Development is about advancing the relation to both existing and new audience groups. Its is far easier, however, to tend to the relation to the ones who already know you, than to engage those whose radar isn't tuned at you or your art form yet. 

In this workshop Hilde Maisey and Cecilie Noreng from TrAP will demonstrate a method based on sociology for creating relations between art institutions and groups that visits them less frequently. The basis of the project is TrAPs project "The key to the city", which is initiated in 2017 and will run over three years. The goal is to make sure that the cultural sphere to a larger extent mirrors he society we live in in the future. The project is inspired by a similar project that Cecilie helped develop at New Yorks Lower East Side. Read more about "the key to the city" here: www.trap.no/nøkkel-til-byen.

Hilde Ghosh Maisey is the General Manager of Transnational Arts Production (TrAP), an independent art production company with an aim to increase diversity in Norwegian arts and culture. Previously she has worked as a photographer and founded an institute for applied conceptual art. Maisey has chaired FFF, the national organization for photographers and camera based artists in Norway and Fotogalleriet. Maisey has taught photography at Bergen National Academy of the Arts and at Elvebakken Upper Secondary School. She has written «Handbook of political influence», that was part of Akershus Art Centre celebration of the Norwegian Constitution Bicentennial.