Håkon Moslet

How close to the target group do you need to be, in order to create something as relevant and meaningful to so meany as SKAM is? 

Head of P3 Ung joins the conference to tell us how and why NRK works to engage young audiences. He will be meeting the young theatre collective "Teaterkandidatene" from Copenhagen, who makes plays for young people who otherwise never would have stepped into the theatre hall. 

Relevance and quality – the two words that express the goal of most art and culture producers. However, only a few succeed the way NRK did with the web drama SKAM. The Chief editor of NRK´s P3 Håkon Moslet is joining the conference to share the insights on ´how´ and ´why´ NRK developed the drama series, initially targeted at ´girls of age 16, which ended engaging a global audience across generations. 

 - SKAM Season 4 became the last, and maybe the most important season, Moslet establishes in his Facebook-post after the show's finale with Sana´s celebration of Eid. It brought the Oslo in 2017, with all its facets and made the series whole. It created a micro-cosmos of the possibilities and contrasts of the present. It proved the nuance to the perception of Muslims and showed that it´s not all black and white. 

Moslet is the Chief editor of Television and development at NRK´s P3 Young. He is former music journalist and Chief of Music at NRK P3. Moslet has by the Norwegian newspaper Morgenbladet been described as one of the most powerful men in the Norwegian music industry. Prior to his position at P3, Mosley was also music journalist at Larvik Morgenavis and Dagbladet.