About Expology

Expology has been designing social learning experiences for clients in the cultural field for nearly 20 years. Based on research into audience engagement, they have developed a range of new 'Audience Engagement Technologies’, which will be presented at the NPU conference 2017. Using iBecon technology heat maps are created giving insight into audience movement & time patterns as well as content, by way of, information sheets & feedback surveys delivered to the visitor’s personal device. 

Expology is a design studio, creating concepts and solutions for museums, visitor centres, science centres and business arenas. They started in Oslo in the early 1990's as the business EXPO and Experience Design branch of global PR and Communications firm Burson-Marstellar and have grown into the area of museums, exhibitions and visitor centres. From 1998, Expology became independent, and has led the nordic market with its team of mixed skills in Design, Technology Integration and Storytelling.  

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