Cecilie Noreng

How to create relationships with the new audience groups?

Audience development is about developing relationships with both the existing and new audiences. However, it is easier to develop the relationships with the already familiar, rather than the segment of audiences that do not recognize arts and culture as part of their spare time.

In this workshop Hilde Maisey and Cecilie Noreng (both from TrAP) will demonstrate a sociologically based method of creating relationships between cultural institutions and the non-traditional audience groups. The workshop is inspired by the ongoing three year project of TrAP - ´The Key to the City´, which was launched earlier in 2017. The aim of the ´Key to the City´ is to ensure the future cultural life is aligned with the societal diversity, which we live in, both in terms of audience, artists as well as cultural workers. The project was inspired by the similar pilot project that Cecilie Noreng was developing on New York's Lower East Side. Read more about the project on www.trap.no/nckle-to-byen.

Cecilie Noreng is Head of Outreach Programs and Communication at TrAP. Originally from Denmark, Cecilie holds a MA in Sociology from Copenhagen University and has been a professional musician for most of her life as well. She was resident of New York City for four years and worked as part of the community development project related to the arts, gentrification and at-risk youth on the Lower East Side. Being both a sociologist and a musician, Cecilie is uniquely qualified to tap both passions at the intersection of Arts and Sociology. Cecilie has spent the first part of 2017 developing the methodology for TrAP's project Key to the city.