​ Catharina Bilsbak

Can the sound of an organizational strategz be heard? Can the audiences distinguish it in a concert hall when listening to Tchaikovsky symphony?

North-Norway 2009: Merger announcement of four cultural organizations and establishment of a new orchestra of two cities - with a distance of 549 km in between. Turbolences, scepticism, internal and external resistance and the absence of audience culture.

North-Norway 2017: NOSO /Arctic Philharmonic has played in some of the world´s most prestigious concert halls, released a number of recordings with prestigious record labels, increased the artistic quality and increased the audience figures for more than 20 per cent annually. The orchestra is continuing with building the brand both in Norway and internationally.

What happened? 

Catharina is Head of Artistic planning of NOSO/Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra since 2012. Joining the journey with NOSO in 2010, she has been part of most of the tours that the organization has until today. Through the path of a variety of positions, she was afterwards appointed as Head of Artistic planning and has been an one of the key people working with orchestra´s vision, goals, values and strategies - from development, implementation and change. 

Catharina, originally from Fredrikstad, has been living in Tromsø since 2008 and has a great passion for North of Norway. She is educated saxophonist from the Norwegian Music School (2008) and University of Aarhus (2011), and furthermore also has a degree in Organization and management from the BI - Norwegian Business school (2016) and University of Aarhus.