Anne Boysen

Anne Boysen is a futurist and researcher specialized on generational studies. Her first appearance at the Audiences Norway conference was in Bergen in 2014, where she revealed the insights and media habits of generation Z.

 In 2017 Anne Boysen is returning with a scenario study on how the youth and young adults´ participation in arts and culture will develop. She will address the question of ´what will be the characteristics of young audiences in 20127, and how will technological developments influence the perception and experience of arts and culture?´.   

Austin based Norwegian researcher Anne Boysen holds a Master´s degree in Strategic Foresight and is leaning a consultancy company After the Millennials´. She is specialized in the post-millennial generation, who have been born and raised by generation X (between baby boomers and millennials), and raised in a world affected by the economic crisis, environmental threats and terrorism. The generation that has ´been present on Facebook prior to their birth´ and can be considered a true digital native.