Alan Brown

What characterizes the relationship of young adults with the arts and cultural participation in the US today? How to lower the threshold and increase the engagement of those, who do not have the habit of going to the theater, opera or concert hall? Which formats can stimulate the engagement of those audience groups that not our usual audience suspects?

 Through a wide range of reports, segmentation analyzes and consultancy assignments, Alan Brown has helped numerous cultural organizations in the United States and beyond, to engage with both the established and new audiences. Alan is in 2017 returning to Norway, after a successful introduction of his work on the typologies of audiences and on the measurement of impact of the arts at the conference Stavanger. During his session he will share the key findings of the major study that WolfBrown was conducting on behalf of The Wallace Foundation on Young Adults and cultural participation in the United States.

 Alan Brown is recognized as the leading figure in audience development research or 'audience engagement' as a preferred term in the US. Alan is a founding partner of WolfBrown, a cross-disciplinary team of professional consultants with experience in fund-raising, marketing, planning, research, evaluation, program design, arts education and other areas. Brown's reports and studies have not only introduced new vocabulary to the existing body of knowledge in cultural participation, but significantly shaped it towards  a clearer framework.