Aat Vos

Aat Vos has a unique view on public spaces and boasts more than 20 years of experience as a developer of library concepts. He is an award-winning expert in the field, and was involved in the transformation of a vast number of Dutch libraries. Alongside these projects, he also works as an advisor for the renewal of libraries and public spaces across Europe. In cooperation with local citizens and professionals, Aat Vos elevates spaces to the next level and transforms them into extraordinary urban living rooms. These spaces are of substantial value for the direct environment, and for the wider region as well. One of his most inspiring projects is the much-discussed youth library Biblo Tøyen in Oslo, Norway. New style libraries often end up exemplifying successful third places. Although Vos is specialized in libraries, the principles he follows are universal. This is made clear in his book 3RD4ALL - How to Create a Relevant Public Space. From libraries to community gardens, the tools and guidelines in this book ring true for all third places.

You can read more about Aat Vos here.