The perfect mix

by NPU — 2017-08-14

Artist, entrepreneur and the attentive audience builder Thomas Prestø from Tabanka, Liene Conard from MAS – Museum aan de Stroom Antwerp, recognized as one of the Europe´s best examples on how to place audiences at the centre of organizations and the research-based design studio Expology, are this week's novelties in conference programme.

Thomas Prestø is during the Young Audiences conference presenting the insights on how to create engaging dance art for the mixed audiences. With strong reference to the African-Caribbean heritage, Thomas Prestø is the Artistic director of Tabanka, an African-Caribbean dance company that runs children and youth activities, educates dancers and creates dance art based on African and Caribbean movement patterns, celebrating the dance and culture of African & Caribbean People.

Tabanka seeks to represent the best in both traditional, modern, artistic and commercial African and Caribbean dance and make this available to the Norwegian people, both as audiences and practitioners. Working in both established as well as non-traditional performance platforms, Tabanka is actively working with audience development and their commitment to creating real mixed-audiences.

Liene Conard challenges us with the rhetorical question whether youth involvement truly is the key for the future of museums? Liene Conard kick-started her career within the museum industry as a 21 year old museum enthusiast.  After completing her first internship, she became part of MAS – Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp, where she was one of the pioneers of the programme MAS in Young Hands (MiYH). MAS has with the MiYH programme gained international attention, recognized in the latest EU Study on Audience development as one of the Europe´s best practices when it comes to placing audiences at the centre of their organization.

The programme MAS in Young Hands (MiYH) is considered to be one of the museum’s first and most intensive activities that resonated beyond the organization, inspiring colleagues from museum sector and beyond. Launched in 2010, MiYH is the youngsters crew of the MAS. Translating the motivations and expectations of young people towards the museum, MiYH has become an annual project where a group of volunteers between 15 and 26 is recruited to work on a full youth museum programme. You can see a video presentation of the project on the following link.

Expology is a design studio with over 20 years of experience in designing user experiences for museums and organizations creating installations, exhibitions and events. The portfolio of clients includes many of the large Norwegian museums and exhibitors, with whom they have been creating engaging experiences for young audiences.

They have developed a "visitor engagement app" that they will demonstrate during the conference. As an audience, you will be given the opportunity to download an app that will through the use of iBeacon technology allow you to capture your movement throughout the conference and what occupies you to the greatest extent, both by recording what you think of and by asking you to provide the feedback along the way. Expology team will during the conference also demonstrate how this type of collected data can be used for the development as well as the improvement of user experiences.