Da Milano to the NPU Conference 2016

by NPU — 2016-06-22

Archeologist and museologist Cristina Da Milano will present an important study on Audience Development  about "How to place audiences at the centre of the cultural organizations". 

The study is funded by EU and is about defining what makes up the components in a good program for AD for medium-sized culture institutions. It is developed by Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, together with Culture Action Europe, ECCOM and Intercult. 

In addition to providing methods for the EU Commission in the AD field, the study aims to equip cultural leaders inside an organization with the means to make a convincing case for transition towards a more audience-centric organization on both the internal and the external level. 

Cristina is coming to Stavanger to elaborate more on how the project has unfolded and what charactarizes the 30 institutions in the study. She will argue that Audience Development is not a purely quantitative element, but that it has many qualitative implications. She argues that the issue of social impact is crucial to the analysis of the audience development phenomena.

The aim of the study is to investigate the issue of audience development, which is one of the main focuses of European cultural policies nowadays.

By signing up for Cristinas session during this years conference, you will not only learn how the best practitioners in Europe proceed towards better audience development - you will experience a distinguished lecturer who passes her insights on in a very convinsing and assured manner. 

NPU asked Cristina to give us an outline of what we might expect from her visit in October, by which time the study will be almost completed. As a part og the preparation for her reflections around audience development and social inclusion, please see the video that she created for us. You may call it a small lecture in itself, solid and saturated with insight as it is. It will all, however, be spoken about at length in Stavanger.