Alan Brown to the NPU Conference 2016

by NPU — 2016-06-09

It is with great pride that we present San Fransisco based Alan Brown, leading researcher, lecturer and consultant on arts and audiences in The States. 

Alan Brown is a founding partner of WolfBrown, a cross-diciplinary team of professional consultans with experience in fund-raising, marketing, planning, ressearch, evalutaion, program deisgn, arts education and other areas. 

He is recognized as a leading figure in research based audience developement or "Audience Engagement" as is the preferred term in the USA. Alan works for the nonprofit arts industry with the goal of helping institutions navigate in a rapidly changing cultural landscape. 

Browns many reports and audience studieshave introduced new vocabulary to the lexicon of cultural participation and propelled the field towards a clearer view of the ever changing outlook. He is a distinguished lecturer and a preferred partner for actors such as Australia Council of the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts and Theatre Bay Area.

Basically, he looks at the effect that the experience has on people emotionally, intellectually, socially and aesthetically.

Among Browns research interests is during the past decade is how individuals are affected by arts and cultural experiences. Basically, he looks at the effect that the experience has on people emotionally, intellectually, socially and aesthetically. WolfBrown's research team assumes that audiences and visitors are different, somehow, after an arts program than they were when they first walked in the door. 

But, how are they different? What happens to people in their seats in a theatre or concert hall or as they stroll through a museum or gallery? What can audience feedback and impact data tell us about the experience of taking in art? Finally, can the knowledge of the audiences experience with the value of art do something with an institutions legitimacy?

Alan Brown will give a talk on the impact of arts and cultural experiences as well as a work shop on variuos typologies of audiences and phases of engagement with the experience. During this session you will learn how to identify the different typologies among your audiences, and how to curate the total experience, from the moment a decision is made to attend, to the days, months and years after the event.

To prepare for the session down load the report "Making Sence of Audience Engagement"

For further information and a demo version of the tool, Intrinsic Impact, follow this link.

To learn more about Alan and the impact studies watch this video: